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Using Windows Subsystem for Linux to improve Django development

If you’re anything like me, you love using Linux as a development platform for Django. Nearly all webservers run Linux, the bash shell is awesome and developing on one platform only to deploy on another can sometimes bring up challenges like library compatibility, particularly when it comes to geospatial development that involves Geopandas or using… Read more »

Testing DJI 2.4GHz datalink

Part of my current project involves using a multirotor UAV with a methane detection system to monitor for pipeline leaks in small high pressure distribution lines. I first started getting involved with UAV systems back in 2014 when DJI wasn’t nearly the household name it is now. The Phantom 3 had just come out and… Read more »

Elementary wasn’t so great after all

Well, I know I just posted up a bunch of information on how to set up QGIS 3 and PostgreSQL/PostGIS on Elementary OS Juno, but alas, that’s over. Elementary OS is by far the best looking Linux Distribution (Distro) that I’ve yet used, and I assumed that since it was basically a re-skinned Ubuntu 18.04… Read more »